Just how good are the top climbers in the UK?

This video from GB climbing star and World Championship gold medalist Toby Roberts shows the level that some of the best British climbers are reaching at the moment.

The video shows Toby returning to The Big Comp at HarroWall for the third year in a row, and battling it out with the best climbers in the country for a whopping £1,000 first prize. Oh, and if that wasn’t enough, Toby was also looking to secure back-to-back Big Comp wins. The pressure was on…

Check out his video below for a brilliant round up of the day, including all the shots from the male and female showcase finals, some beating-the-buzzer sends, and to find out who picked up the podium spots.

Check out GB climbing star Toby Roberts in action at this year’s Big Comp

The Big Comp ’23: Full Round Up

Want to check out who the winners were? Or want more photos of the day? Check them out here.