VauxWall is looking for talented young climbers to join our VauxSquad for 2022-2023!

The event is open to any young climbers* with a minimum of 3 months of climbing experience. A selection event will be held every academic year.

The Try-Outs will be held at VauxWall West Climbing Centre:

  • Sunday 24th July
  • Booking & Pre-registration essential
  • Maximum 30 participants
  • Entry fee per participant £10 paid on booking

To book, please see below or click here.

It is a competition aimed solely at children, which is very rare. The setting and climbs will be designed for them and the comp wall will be set for the competition only. The results of the competition do not determine who we choose to join the VauxSquad. Our team of coaches will be keeping an eye on the competition, and we will be monitoring the competitors throughout the day, looking for attributes in attitude, determination, communication, teamwork, strategy as well as many others, so their climbing ability isn’t a limiting factor. However, they should have some climbing experience meaning they are prepared to commit to climbing for at least the next year, at a high, competitive standard with the VauxSquad.

Time frame for the selection day

  • 09:30am Welcome and intro to the day & warm up
  • 10am Score cards issued & climbing begins
  • There will be 20 boulder problems to attempt
  • 1pm Climbing ends & Score cards collected.
  • Debrief and mini prize giving

Invitations to join the VauxSquad will be sent via email.

*please note only those aged 10-17 will be invited to join the VauxSquad

If selected, some info you’ll need to know:

  • Squad training sessions will run twice a week
  • They’ll run following school term times (i.e. not over holiday periods)

Benefits to being part of the VauxSquad will include:

  • Weekly training sessions with qualified and experienced coaches, following a training plan
  • 1 pair of climbing shoes per year
  • Unlimited access to all LCC London facilities for the squad member (and supervisor if the squad member is under the age of 14)
  • Discounted private/ 1:1 coaching sessions