First time climbing with us?

Pre-Register before your visit

Save time during your first visit by pre-registering online today!

Pre-registration steps ahead of your first visit

To climb at any of the London Climbing Centres, you must first pre-register either online or on-site.

2. Watch

If you have less than one year of climbing experience, watch the bouldering induction video below.

3. Register

Click the link below to complete the registration form.

More general registration info

  • Want to know more about indoor climbing and what your first time will be like? Head over to our What is Climbing page.
  • Completing the registration form online will significantly speed up your registration when you arrive. Once registered, you will be able to climb at any of our London locations.
  • Your online pre-registration will be held on the system for 60 days before expiring. Please ensure you visit any centre within that time to complete your registration.
  • Having watched the video, if you do not feel confident enough to climb independently or wish to learn more about bouldering under the supervision of one of our great coaches, please complete the form and then book an Induction Plus or private session at your desired centre.
  • Our HarroWall centre also offers the use of auto belays for those who register and pass a competency test. If you are an experienced climber who has used auto belays before then you can complete the additional form and assessment at reception. If you are new to the sport of climbing and would like to use our auto belays, you can book an auto belay induction at HarroWall. Please note you MUST first register to boulder at HarroWall before using our auto belays. Our auto belay induction video is embedded at the bottom of this page.

Juniors (17 and under)

There are three distinct ways that juniors can climb at our London locations, all of which require a registration form completed by a parent or legal guardian via the link above.

1. Climb under our instruction

If you or your child have never climbed before, booking a session with one of our instructors is the best way to climb. You can view availability and book online on our website here. Please note that instructed sessions are only for children who are six years old and older.

2. Climb supervised by an adult

Juniors can use the centres if directly supervised by a bouldering competent adult.

  • Any adult who is an experienced climber and wishes to supervise their children must complete our bouldering supervisor assessment. This short 15 question form requires knowledge in bouldering safety, appropriate warming up, injury prevention, and spotting.
  • You can download the assessment here. This must be completed in addition to the registration form.
  • Our good practice guidelines will help with the supervisor assessment form.
  • If you are not sufficiently experienced to complete the assessment, please book an Induction Plus or private session at your chosen centre, and we will happily bring you up to speed. There is no minimum age of access if supervised, but we recommend six years old is a good age to start. We also have a hard play area at HarroWall for younger children.

3. Climb independently

Juniors aged 14 – 17: Juniors may use our centres unsupervised if they complete an Induction Plus or have significant bouldering experience. An assessment must be completed in either case at reception. You can view this assessment here.

14 & 15-year-olds: Your parent or legal guardian must accompany you on your visit to receive a briefing.

16 & 17-year-olds: Do not require a visit with a parent or legal guardian but the assessment form must be signed by the parent. We reserve the right to call to verify consent.

In all cases, a parent or legal guardian must complete a registration form BEFORE coming to the centre.

HarroWall Hard Play Area

At our HarroWall centre, we have a hard play area and a small soft play area. This is a great space to introduce climbing fun from a young age.

Parents can supervise their children with no competence checks, pre-registration or pre-booking. You can turn up any time and use this area BUT cannot go into the regular climbing arena.

The hard play area is not like a traditonal soft play – more details here:

Auto Belay Induction Video

You need to complete a short assessment to use the auto belay wall at HarroWall. If you are not experienced, you can book an auto belay induction by clicking here.