Kids Climbing in London


Climbing progression for kids. Next stop, the Olympics?

What is NICAS?

NICAS stands for National Indoor Climbing Award Scheme and is a UK-wide scheme designed to promote climbing development through structured learning and accredited individual achievement.

It’s a starting point for people wishing to take up climbing, from novice to experienced, and starts from age 7. With Climbing having debuted as a sport for Tokyo 2020 Olympics, NICAS is a fantastic starting point for young climbers to learn about the climbing pathway and all the places it could take them in the future.

NICAS at London Climbing Centres

NICAS is a wonderful way for any person to get into climbing.

NICAS sessions are aimed at children 7-11 & 11+ and are grouped into regular weekly sessions so that candidates (& parents) can continue to learn alongside their climbing friends at the same time each week for multiple, and continuous, term times.

NICAS Sessions:

We will run NICAS sessions on a half-term basis, in accordance with local school half terms. These will take place after school during the weekdays and over weekends. Sessions are 60-75 minutes long (dependent on which centre), instructor-led, and with a maximum group size of 8. Age groups are 7 – 11 and 11+.

NICAS Foundation

For those brand new to the sport, or with minimal experience, of climbing. These sessions are perfect for those who want to learn to climb/enjoy climbing as a physical activity.

It teaches the fundamental & key techniques that all advanced climbing movements are based upon in a fun atmosphere with our experienced coaches. All candidates will learn the best practices to climb safely within a bouldering environment. The Foundation sessions will take a candidate at least somewhere between 2-3 full school terms to complete.

*Please note that there will be a one-off payment of £12.50 for the NICAS Logbook and folder on the very first session. This logbook and folder then stay with the participant as they move through the scheme.

New bookings will go live at a suitable time before the next school term begins

NICAS Intermediate

The next level is for those climbers who have already completed the NICAS Foundation (completed and passed NICAS Level 1 & 2) sessions. The Intermediate level builds on the skills and competencies learned in the Foundation sessions with more advanced climbing skills being introduced as candidates progress through the NICAS scheme.

The Intermediate level allows candidates to stay together and climb together as a group even if learning at different levels and climbing grades. The Intermediate level has no upper time limit as it continually builds and refines climbing skills. Those who reach the higher ends of the NICAS scheme will move into our Advanced sessions.

More about NICAS at our Centres

All equipment hire is included in the course price.

NICAS is a great way for anyone’s first step into a new lifetime, & lifestyle, sport; one that’s rapidly growing and is having its benefits continually proved, benefits being:

  • a Mental Challenge: working out the best way to climb encourages problem solving and teamwork
  • an Achievement: personal satisfaction in learning new skills and acquiring agility, balance & coordination in a fun learning environment
  • a Workout: an all-over body workout that is accessible yet challenging for a person of any fitness level

If you’d like some more information about NICAS, and the charity that runs it, please visit