Our new heating and cooling system at VauxWall East has now been in place for two months.

It automatically switches between cooling on warm days and heating on cold days. We’re aiming to maintain 20 degrees in the climbing arena to allow you to warm up with ease while ensuring you don’t slide off the holds.

VauxEast had gained a reputation for being a hotbox in summer and an icebox in winter but with this £30,000 investment, working within the limitations of our lovingly restored Grade 2 listed school hall, we can put that behind us and enjoy great climbing conditions all year round.

Climbing chalk is notorious for breaking air-con systems but we have worked closely with the designer to ensure sufficient filtration. We will monitor its effectiveness and maintenance in the coming few months. It is proving its worth already and we are looking into replicating the system to some of our other centres.

Happy climbing!