We really enjoyed this video from our coaching partners Catalyst Climbing, which shows Louis Parkinson and Anna Hazelnutt challenging each other to a number of mobility challenges.

The video got us thinking about even more fun mobility challenges for climbers, and we’ve found a few more for you to try…

But first, what’s the point of mobility challenges? In climbing it’s easy to focus on improving strength as a means of achieving higher grades, but your range of motion is an overlooked and underrated part of climbing.

Think of all those times you’ve seen someone pull an outrageous heel hook or do the splits while bridging between holds. Good mobility can unlock climbs, help improve your technique, and has the added bonus of keeping your joints supple and healthy!

Here are three extra mobility challenges to try (after warming up, of course). on top of the four that Louis and Anna tried in the video above:

Inchworm with full extension

This one is great dynamic training for your shoulders, chest, and core.

Start with your hands by your feet, and slowly walk them away from you. Engage your core and see how far you can go!

Dislocates for shoulder mobility

This one requires some equipment – but a broomstick handle will do. Start with your hands at the ends of the stick, and as your range of motion improves, bring your hands further and further in.

Dragon pistol squats

If you found the last two a bit easy, try this one on for size. Start with a regular pistol (one-legged) squat first, and work your way up. The ultimate test of balance and strength. Good luck…

Mobility Challenges for Climbers

How did you get on? We hope this inspires you to add some mobility exercises to your climbing routine!

Try them out and see how you do. If you’ve got any others, tag us in a video on Facebook or Instagram and we’ll check them out!