One Membership – Eight Centres Across London

Memberships cover access to all 8 London Climbing Centres. Other perks include:

  • Unlimited entries to all LCC London Centres* (with no-hassle self-check-in)
  • Offers on entry to Tier 1 LCC events
  • 1 free hot drink before 11am weekdays
  • 10% off retail items in our on-site shops
  • 10% off all cafe items in our on-site cafe
  • 2 guest passes per month (for friends new to LCC)
  • Unlimited towel hire

Frequently Asked Questions:

Can I freeze my membership?

Yes you can! Members may freeze their pre-paid 6/12 month memberships for a minimum of one month. Recurring memberships can be frozen for a minimum of one month, starting on the next billing date, and cannot be frozen part-way through the month.

Head to the bottom of this page to find out more.

If I buy an Off-Peak membership, can I climb during peak times?

Sure thing, but you will have to pay a £6 peak supplement.

What’s the best value option for me?

As a rule of thumb, if you climb twice or more a week a membership will save you money on climbing. Any less than that and a punch card will bag you savings on peak entries.

Pre-Paid Memberships offer the best value, particularly the 6/12 month options. However, Recurring Monthly Memberships are most convenient, with no minimum terms and the ability to freeze calendar months.

The London climbing centres

Your LCC membership covers access to all eight centres. Come and explore them all.

Vauxwall West

Central London



Central London

Warren Street


North West London


Vauxwall east

Central London



South London

Wandle Park


East London



West London

Ravenscourt Park


East London

Bethnal Green

Membership options

Buy, renew, or discover the best way to save on climbing

Climbers love flexibility. We’re not talking about doing the splits (although that can help send your project), but the flexibility to climb when you want, where you want, and choose a membership that’s right for you.

That’s why we have a number of different memberships, with options for those looking for the best deal and those looking for flexibility.

Best savings – Prepaid Memberships

Our best value memberships for climbing twice per week or more. Pay upfront for one, six, or 12 months of climbing. Terms and Conditions.

Off Peak

Months: 1/6/12


Check centre pages for off-peak times


Months: 1/6/12


Reduced-price anytime access for those who qualify


Months: 1/6/12


Unlimited access

Flexibility – Recurring Monthly Memberships

One month minimum, automatic monthly payment, recommended for climbing twice per week. Terms and Conditions.



Check centre pages for off-peak times



Reduced-price anytime access for those who qualify



Unlimited access

Junior bolt-on age 11-17


Shoe hire included

Junior bolt-on age 0-10


Shoe hire included

Freeze, cancel, or amend your details

If you have a recurring membership and need to pause due to injury or other extenuating circumstances, or if you would like to cancel or amend a junior bolt-on, please email [email protected] with details.

For all other freeze or cancellation requests or to update your details on file, hit the button below and fill out our online membership change request form, and we will process your request as soon as possible.

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