For Kids

Climbing is fantastic for kids! It promotes the development of agility, balance & coordination. It’s a fun, social life-long sport.

For information about supervising your own children or how they can become independent climbers, head over to our pre-register page. For fully instructed sessions read on.

We offer a range of courses at all eight London Climbing Centres. Head over to Courses & Classes to book or read on to find out more.




Junior Bouldering Club

Fun individually paid sessions that are the easiest way to get started. Groups can be split into two age categories: 7-10 and 11-17, or just run 7-17

Available at: All Centres

1 Hour Private Coaching

Get your own coach for a group of up to six people. Minimum age: seven years old

Available at: All Centres

NICAS Courses

Termly courses following the National Indoor Climbing Award Scheme. Groups are split by age and award level. Minimum age: seven years old

Available at: CroyWall, VauxWall, HarroWall & RavensWall

Sessions at HarroWall

As our largest facility, we offer a lot more than just bouldering. Check out the sessions below!

Krazy Climb

An exciting intro session. Have you conquered all the elements and taken the plunge on our death slide? (age 6+)

Birthday Party

Krazy climb with catering and
function room options
(age 6+)


Tackle our 170-metre long caving system
full of squeezes and obstacles
(age 6+)

New Heights

This advanced session tackles our auto belay walls for those who have mastered Krazy Climb
(age 8+)

Krazy Climb is available at HarroWall

A fun introductory session for kids aged six years old and up with a range of high flying indoor activities, Krazy Climbing is a fun way to experience the thrill of climbing in a child-friendly environment.

Have a go at conquering the elements before taking on one of our two more challenging elements.

Watch the video to get an idea of what is on offer when you come to HarroWall Krazy Climb!