Girl climbing an indoor rock climbing wall, looking up to the next hold.

Family climbing at Croywall

Under 18s

The session we booked for my daughter and her friends was absolutely brilliant. I have nothing but positive feedback for the centre. We shall definitely return.

Benedikte Hill

Thank you for empowering my little one, she can’t wait to come back with her friends

Lakster JM

Great private lesson for my daughter and I with Tom. Safety instruction very good, centre was well managed and staffed. We will return to climb independently next time having passed the assessment at the end of the lesson to supervise alone.

Melissa Khan

Options for Junior climbers

Private Sessions

The perfect option for families who want a fun day out trying bouldering.

Bouldering Intro

Are you over 14 and want to get signed off as an independent climber or learn how to be a bouldering supervisor?

Experienced climbers

If you are an experienced boulderer or have climbed with us at least 3 times, just ask one of the friendly faces at reception if you can be signed off as an independent climber (14+) or a bouldering supervisor (18+)


NICAS is our weekly climbing lessons for kids who want to improve their climbing in a structured format under the intruction of one of our qualified coaches.

Junior Bouldering Drop-In

Casual group sessions for kids who want to try out bouldering on one-off sessions with one of our instructors.

Schools & Large Groups

If you’re a teacher or community leader, get in touch for our large booking options.

Frequently Asked Questions

How old does my child have to be before they can climb?

If you are signed off as a bouldering supervisor, there is no minimum age of kids you can bring to climb. The minimum age for private sessions and Junior bouldering clubs is 7+. The minimum age for bouldering intro sessions, or to be an unsupervised junior climber is 14+

What is a bouldering supervisor?

Bouldering supervisors are individuals over the age of 18 who have been signed off at one of our centres as a supervisor. As a supervisor you can supervise up to 2 juniors at a time.

How can I become a bouldering supervisor?

To be signed off as a supervisor you must participate in either a private session or a bouldering intro session, and pass our supervisor assement. Alternatively, if you have climbed with us at least 3 times, you can request a bouldering supervisor assessment on your next visit.

What is an unsupervised junior?

Unsupervised juniors are individuals aged between 14-17 who can climb independently; they do not need to be accompanied by a bouldering supervisor. Unsupervised juniors can not supervise other climbers.

How do I become an unsupervised junior?

To become an unsupervised junior, you must participate in one of our private sessions or a bouldering intro session, and pass the unsupervised junior assessment. Alternatively, if you have climbed with us at least 3 times, you can request an unsupervised junior assessment on your next visit.

Can I climb alongside my child?

Yes, if you are both booked onto a private session.

Otherwise, if you are a competent climber you can easily become a bouldering supervisor (ask at the front desk to do the questionnaire) and supervisor 1-2 juniors at a time.
If you are not a competent climber, you need to book onto an Intro Session to learn everything you need to know.

Do I have to book online?

Sessions do get booked up in advance, so we’d advise booking online to guarantee a slot for your child.

Does my child need any special equipment?

All climbers are required to wear climbing shoes, but don’t worry we’ve got that covered. Shoe hire is covered in the cost of Bouldering Clubs, private sessions, and NICAS classes. Chalk will also be provided.
We recommend for you/your child to wear comfortable clothing that you don’t mind getting chalky!

Is there parking outside CroyWall?

We don’t have allocated parking, but there is plenty nearby. The best places to park are in the Sainsbury’s car park or the TKMaxx car park. Both locations are free for 3h.

How to find CroyWall


Unit 7 New South Quarter
Whitestone Way

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  • Internal Cycle Storage
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Phone: 020 3026 4967

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