Thank you all for coming to the December edition of VauxComp! It’s a well-loved staple in our events calendar and highlights what an amazing community we have at our walls.

The setters for this event were Yorkie, Alex Prescott, Jakub Stek, Tom Gledhill and Charles Romijn, and a huge thanks to our friends and partners at the Duchy Arms for supplying the food and beer on tap for the evening.

Onto the results:

Main Comp

Senior (16+)
1st place Sébastien Dussaut
2nd place Sam Grenfell
3rd place Hayato Furusugi & Chris Matthew
Senior (16+)
1st place Alexia Basch
2nd place Joy Evelyn Wilson
3rd place Annaliese Plummer
Senior (16+)
1st place George M.
2nd place Nix Crabtree 
1st Place Apollo Andreichuk
2nd Place Milo Mash
3rd Place Matthew Zwi
1st place Gaia Felice & Florence Ashton
3rd place Yolanda Moran

Main Comp Results

Fun Comp Results

Congratulations to all those who placed at the top of their categories! Prizes can be collected from VauxWall East if you haven’t already done so.

The next VauxComp will be Wednesday 2nd March at VauxWall East!