CroyWall Upgrade: Auto-belays are on the way!

CroyWall is getting Auto-Belays!

We’re excited to reveal the addition of 6 Auto-Belay lines, which will be located opposite the Slab Island, as an extension of the right end of the Cave.

The new addition will replace the current kid’s wall, but all other bouldering will remain as is. As part of the extension, we’re adding a unique, tall digital woody, protected by an Auto-Belay, perfect for that highball training and a first in London!

We can’t wait to take CroyWall to the next level (literally) and we’re excited to share some highball climbing with you all!

When will it be built?

The build is due to begin on April 8th and will take around 2 weeks to complete.

This does mean that parts of the centre will be temporarily closed off during the build, and we’ll keep you updated on social media when this is the case, but we will be offering off-peak pricing in return when access is limited.

Does this mean less bouldering space?

The only existing bouldering wall that will be affected is the Rock-Tots kids wall that is currently adjacent to the Cave.

Can anyone use the auto-belays?

Yes! However, you will need to be signed off to use them. If you have never used an auto-belay or have little experience with them, we recommend taking an Auto-Belay induction class with us. We will be offering these very soon after the build is complete. For those with experience using auto-belays, just chat with one of the friendly faces at reception!

How does the auto-belay woody work?

The board will be made by DTB, the same manufacturer of the other woody boards across our other centres. It will be fully customised with a range of different (you guessed it) wood holds on a 7° overhang! And as usual, it will have a screen UI for you to set and select your own climbs. From crimps to slopers, you’ve got everything you need to get creative and set some routes!