As we’re all aware, inflation is hitting both households and businesses hard. Prices have rocketed across the board, from coffee beans to utilities, and even climbing holds.

We’ve also increased our investment in our most important resource; upping our team’s pay by an average of 6% in 2021 and a further 6% this year.

With this in mind, we’ve made some minor tweaks to some of our memberships, perks, and pricing.

These will ensure that we can still deliver the premium climbing experience that you expect from us for many years to come, with constant reinvestment in improvements, new climbing holds, and the evolution of our multigym offering across the capital.

Super Off-Peak and Tiered Pricing

From 1st August Super Off-Peak times will change at BethWall, CanaryWall, and RavensWall, while BethWall and CanaryWall will move up to our standard tiered pricing:

  • Super Off-Peak at BethWall will move to Saturday 8-10am
  • Super Off-Peak at CanaryWall will move to Sunday 9-11am
  • Super Off-Peak at RavensWall moves to Friday 6am-4pm
  • BethWall and CanaryWall move from lower-tier to standard Day Pass pricing

Pre-paid Membership Increases

From 1st August, 6 and 12 month pricing for pre-paid memberships will be as follows:

6-month pre-paid membership (5% saving over recurring memberships) 

  • Off-peak – £285 – (£47.50 a month)
  • Concession – £342 – (£57 a month)
  • Adult Anytime – £399 – (£66.50 a month)

12-month pre-paid membership (10% saving over recurring memberships)

  • Off-peak – £540 – (£45 a month)
  • Concession – £648 – (£54 a month)
  • Adult Anytime – £756 – (£63 a month)

Until 1st August, you can extend your existing pre-paid membership by 6 or 12 months, or switch from recurring to pre-paid, at the current prices online by heading here.

If you already have a pre-paid membership we’ll simply add on the extra months. If you’re on a recurring membership, we’ll switch over your membership from 1st August.

Membership Perks

From 1st August members will get the brilliant new perk of 10% off all café items at any centre.

Members will also be entitled to 1 free hot drink only before 11am on weekdays, replacing the free off-peak hot drink perk.

All other perks remain the same, so you’ll get;

  • Two free guest passes per month for new climbers
  • Unlimited towel hire
  • 10% off retail items in on-site shops
  • Fast-track access to 7 (soon to be 8) premium climbing centres across London, including the capital’s only BMC National Performance Centre at HarroWall

Once again, thank you for your continued support. LCC is made by you, our fantastic community, and we love climbing with you.