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indoor climbing central london

Indoor Climbing near Vauxhall and Kennington

Discover climbing at VauxWall East, a short walk from the Northern and Bakerloo Line.

Hit the buttons below to find out more about climbing for first timers, families with kids, or regulars.

Hundreds of climbs in an open-plan centre, a short walk Waterloo, Kennington, and Vauxhall

indoor climbing central london

Training boards, power cave, and free-weight gym

gym facilities in vauxhall

Prime location near the Northern Line, Bakerloo Line, and Victoria Line

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London Climbing Centre

First time climbing at VauxEast?

What is Bouldering?

Bouldering is a type of climbing that takes place on low-height walls, without the aid of ropes but with crash mats underneath.

It emphasises problem solving and technique, while also providing a full-body workout. The perfect blend of a fun mental and physical challenge!

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How do I get started?

Climbers over the age of 18 are free to climb independently from their first visit to VauxEast.

New climbers simply need to watch a short induction video and fill out a pre-registration form, which you can do either online or in-person (we’d recommend online to save time on the day!)

Then all you need to do is turn up, check in at reception, and climb! Easy.

Plus, opt-in to the LCC newsletter during registration and enter into a weekly draw to win a £25 Arc’teryx gift voucher!

Want a bit more guidance during your first climb? We offer instructed sessions:

For first-timers

group climbing in vauxhall

Induction Plus Session

  • One hour session with a qualified instructor.
  • Perfect for your first ever bouldering session. Shoes, chalk, and instruction provided. Just turn up ready to climb!
  • £27 per climber. Saturday & Sunday sessions.

Climbing for children at VauxWall East

For first timers

kids climbing in central london

Junior Bouldering Clubs

  • One hour session with a qualified instructor.
  • Running on weekend mornings. Shoes, chalk, and instruction provided. Just turn up ready to climb!
  • £19 per climber

For budding young climbers

kids climbing in central london

NICAS Climbing Courses

  • Weekly hour-long instructed sessions, running alongside school half-terms.
  • Perfect for those budding young climbers who have started bouldering and are keen to learn more!
  • Booking commences shortly before school half-terms.

For families

kids climbing in central london

Private Coaching

  • One hour private session with an instructor.
  • Up to 6 participants, ages 7+
  • Prices start at £45

Find VauxWall East and get in touch

1 Cabanel Place
Lollard Street, London
SE11 6BD

  • Nearby stations: Vauxhall, Kennington, Lambeth North
  • Cycle Storage

Email: [email protected]


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