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bouldering basics

Ready to join us for a climb? Bouldering Basics at HarroWall is the session for you.

Join us for the perfect introduction to indoor bouldering in London’s largest bouldering centre.

During the hour-long session, one of our experienced instructors will introduce you to the exciting sport of climbing, with plenty of tips, tricks, and hints to get you up to the top of the wall.

Keep reading to find out more, bust some climbing myths, and book on today!


“My first time in bouldering and I’m addicted!! Loved every second of it. Would recommend to anyone that wants to try something new, fun, and challenging. Lovely atmosphere with very polite and helpful staff.”

Jen King

“A huge, world-class bouldering wall, with a fantastic atmosphere, friendly staff, excellent bouldering, and good coffee. What’s not to like?!”

Ken Applegate

Everything you need to know

Bouldering is a discipline within the sport of climbing that HarroWall and the London Climbing Centres specialise in. 

It’s done on low-height walls with crashmats providing protection, instead of a rope and harness.

Bouldering emphasises problem-solving and short sequences of moves to conquer the wall, instead of endurance and braving tall heights.

All you need to give it a go is a pair of shoes (and you can hire them from us). 

You can start climbing with us independently (by simply watching our induction video) but if you want a little more guidance, Bouldering Basics classes are the thing for you.

During Bouldering Basics, a knowledgeable instructor will guide you through your first ever bouldering session.

They’ll explain how to warm up, the basic techniques and tips that you’ll need to master to reach the top of the wall, and also demonstrate how to climb safely to protect yourself and others around you.

We provide everything you need to get started. Just wear some comfortable clothing that you won’t mind getting chalky, and join us!

Climbing Myths Busted

Climbing’s a sport that is surrounded by myths. That’s why we’ve tackled a few of them below. Do any of these sound familiar?

  • I don’t have strong enough arms to climb

This is the most common climbing myth! Sure, climbing works different muscle groups to traditional sports (even weight-lifting), and you’ll build up strength quickly in new areas in the early days. But it’s not all about big arms and strong fingers.

In fact, climbing is hugely accessible for those who don’t feel at home doing other sports.

Good technique and route-reading (knowing where to place your hands and feet) are much more important than being able to do a pull-up.

  • I need someone to climb with

Not when you’re bouldering! Both bouldering and AutoBelays (the only roped climbing we offer) can be done solo. The climbing community is also incredibly welcoming, and we offer a ton of socials in the evenings where you can make new climbing friends.

Of course, it is nice to bring a friend. That’s why we’re offering 2 for 1 bookings on all Bouldering Basics classes this summer using code SUMMER241

  • I don’t have the right gear

In bouldering all you need to get started are a pair of climbing shoes and some chalk to dry your hands. We provide both of those free of charge for everyone on a Bouldering Basics class.

For clothing, we’d recommend wearing some sports clothing or something loose and comfortable. Having said that, don’t be surprised if you see climbers in anything from jeans to hiking trousers!

  • Everyone will be watching me fail

It’s scary being a beginner and, if you haven’t climbed before, the idea of doing something so alien is bound to be worrying.

But, we were all new once and the climbing community has a reputation for being friendly, welcoming, and always on hand to offer advice and guidance should you want it.

Plus, you’ll be joining a group of likeminded beginners under the watchful eye of our experienced instructors. You’ll do great!

How to find HarroWall


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Neptune Trading Estate, Neptune Rd

Closest tube:

Harrow-on-the-Hill Station – 7 minute walk

Limited parking available onsite in marked bays.

Phone: 020 3026 4960

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