It’s hard to believe that here at BethWall we opened the doors to the public for the first time and now a year later we have celebrated the centre’s first birthday!

Thank you to everyone that came to our Bethle Royale Birthday Bash and took part in our Main and Fun Comps. Our wonderful setters for this event were Yorkie, Steve Tucker, Mads, Jack Gould, Tayla and Gavin Symonds.

Our birthday bash and prizes are supported by Evolv and Sodo Pizza and we can’t thank them enough. We had Evolv shoes, pizza vouchers, yoga mats and London Climbing Festival tickets up for grabs so safe to say it was all to play for!

We also had a wonderful bar provided by the lovely folks at Mother Kellys where climbers were able to get a beer and chill out after climbing.

As for our results:


1. Luca Martins 335

2. Dario Prina 328

3. Jules Astier 325


1. Lisa Clews 207

2. Louise Bernard 192

3. Emily Rainbow 177

Raffle Prize Winners

1. William Li

2. Alex Coackley

3. Toby Nathan

4. Sam Hockham

5. Anthony Vaquero

6. Gerald Manalastas


Thank you again to the setters for providing support and helping bring this event to life! Also a massive thank you to the BethTeam who run the centre, the comp and generally keep this wonderful hub going! It feels like only yesterday that we opened our doors for the first time to welcome you all in and now look where we are. This past year has allowed us to do so much and ultimately create an incredible space for you our fantastic community. Thank you all for your constant support and love. Here’s to another year!