Benchmark your progress with Perma-Sets!

Across all of our centres, we have new climbs being aet every week! However, we also have a circuit of climbs that stay up permanently called the perma-sets. There is 1 climb per grade and they are a great way of benchmarking your progress in climbing, while also offering long-term projects that you know won’t be taken down any time soon!

We love them so much that we gave all of the holds some TLC, then called up Louis Parkinson from Catalyst Climbing, LCC’s official coaching partners, and asked him to demonstrate the beta for the set over at VauxWall East.

Can he send them all in one session? Check out the video below…

Filmed at VauxWall East, home to the famous Alex Honnold replica as featured in a previous video, set by the Free Solo legend himself!