Thank you all for coming to the April edition of VauxComp!

This was the first VauxComp we’ve held at West since 2019 and the first in our brand-new Comp Arch that opened last year. We’ve invested in some amazing macro holds and couldn’t be happier with how the competition wall has turned out. Thank you for choosing to spend your Friday night with us and for making it such a fun evening!

The setters for this event were Steve Tucker, Alex Prescott, Steve Darling and Matt Varela-Christie. A huge thanks to our friends at the Duchy Arms for supplying the food and beer on tap for the evening and to Mabel’s Little Cake Company for providing a delicious treat box to the winner of our raffle.

Onto the results:

Main Comp

Senior (16+)
1st place Pete Stephenson
2nd place Jules Asher
3rd place Richard Chien
Senior (16+)
1st place Rae Childs
2nd place Louise Bernard
3rd place Becky Rose
Senior (16+)
1st place George M.
2nd place Theo Wanstall
3rd place Maya Panicker
1st place Sebastian Addis
2nd place Matthew Zwi
3rd place Alasdair Mackintosh
1st place Yolanda Moran
2nd place Yana Solomakhina
3rd place Gaia Felice

Full results

Congratulations to all those who placed at the top of their categories! Prizes can be collected from VauxWall West if you haven’t already done so.

The next VauxComp will be Friday, July 1st at VauxWall East!