London Climbing Centres

About Us

1993 – 2013 : The early days

In 1993, three climbers met and hatched a plan to build a climbing wall. One climber had the capital, one climber had the skills to build the wall, and the other had found the perfect building for the Kendal Wall, the old Milk Drying Plant in Kendal.

By mid-1995, their dream evolved when the old Milk Drying Plant was converted into a climbing wall named the Lakeland Climbing Centre. The doors were opened to the new Kendal Wall in December 1995.

In 1996 the Main Wall was added at a height of 18.5 m, and by the late 1990s, the Kendal Wall had gained recognition for its quality of climbing and was ranked in the BMC’s top 3 in England.  For 14 years, the Lakeland Climbing Centre grew steadily and developed a loyal and supportive customer base.

In 2010 we undertook a massive development to extend the Climbing Centre and increase the range of facilities and activities on offer. But we didn’t stop there!

2013 – 2019 : Hello London!

VauxWall West Climbing Centre was created as a state of the art bouldering centre in London’s Zone One. With efficient air conditioning and dust extraction, ultra-modern electronic registration and, of course, our great hallmark walls, VauxWall was set to raise the bar for climbing wall standards once again! 

Following VauxWall’s success, we added HarroWall and VauxWall East in 2018, RavensWall and CroyWall in 2019. This growth thoroughly established LCC in the London Climbing Community, offering climbing all around the capital.

2020 & Beyond : Go East!

That fateful year of 2020 stopped us in our tracks, and it was devastating to close our centres for nine months during the pandemic. Our members gave us the strength to weather this storm, and we went on to open CanaryWall and BethWall Green.

We continue to invest in our centres and team to offer the best climbing centres we can.

We continue searching for more properties to keep expanding our offering to our members.