Eight climbing centres, one capital city, and one day. This is London’s ultimate climbing challenge…

Think of it like climbing’s marathon, only there’s less chafing and a lot more fun climbing.

What is the LCC 8 Centre Challenge?

It’s simple. Visit and climb at all 8 London Climbing Centres in a single day!

You can cycle, public transport, drive, run, unicycle, or even walk between the centres, with great views of London throughout the day.

Plus, you only need to pay your entry fee once (unless you check-in during our Super Off Peak times) for access to all eight centres throughout the day!

So, if you start the day at CroyWall during off-peak hours, a full day of climbing will only cost you a tenner!

If you want to make the challenge tougher than it already is, you can set grade targets to tick off at every centre along the way too (e.g, climbing something from every V4-V6 circuit). It’s a great way to add a focus to your day and push your endurance to the limit!

What’s the best route?

We typically recommend starting at CroyWall bright and early, before heading to VauxWest and East on the overground from East Croydon.

From Vauxhall, you can head east either on the tube or via riverboat to CanaryWall and BethWall.

EustonWall is the next port of call after the East London climbs are ticked off, before finishing the day at RavensWall and then HarroWall for a well-earned pizza and beer in the HarroWall cafe. Challenge done!


Energy for the road?

A full day of climbing requires energy, and we have just the drink to keep you going…

We’ve teamed up with Tenzing in the past to promote the challenge, and you can find cans of the natural energy drink at every LCC location.

Let us know how you get on!

If you do the challenge, share your progress and tag us in your reels/posts/stories on Instagram and we’ll re-share to the London climbing community!